Dead Tide 2 – Cum Covered Shores

Category: 3D
Year: 2013
File size: 320 Mb
Censured: No
Language: English




Tags: Gazukull, Flash, Anal, Big Breasts, Cumshot, Gangbang, Group, Oral, Affect3D

Since the last time we saw Jessenia, she had her way with a couple of orcs before getting a taste of their red juices. Now, she’s on a new quest with her flesh challenged companion Gibonotik to find an ancient treasure that holds something she didn’t quite expect!

The title features tons of sex that you’ll have to see to believe. You’ll see Jessenia gangbanged by cumsprites (!!!) before taking on one benemoth of a cum creature. You’ll also see the origins of when Gibonotik first met Jessenia (and when he still had skin!). Combined with the storytelling from Gazukull you know and love, Dead Tide 2: Cum Covered Shores is definitely a title worth checking out!

Platform: Windows all

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